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Jan 13, 2011

Overview of Clinique travel sets

I have purchased 3 Clinique travel sets but never done a review, my bad!! Ok, Travel sets are not as samples. Samples are very the tiny version of the product whereas travel sets are the small version. I purchase Clinique travel sets from . The website has ton number of travel sets in the order of oily, combination, dry and very dry. They have complete skin care sets and also have combination of skin care and make up.

I purchased this set for 1230 rs= 27 $

Products in the bag:

1. Clinique clarifying lotion 2

2. Clinique super defense age defense moisturizer SPF 25

3. Color surge eyeshadow trio in Totally neutral

4. Clinique high impact mascara

5. Clinique different lipstick in RoseAglow(full)

6. Clinique full potential plump and shine lipgloss in Sugar plump

These products come with good quantity that comes for two months. Very good value for 6 products and worth more. Hope the post was useful.

Watch the video below for more details:


  1. hi Jaya, long time no see...luks like u have been too busy these days...even i was away for 8 months :)

    thnq for commenting on my blog...india, carrot cream is not available, so make sure u call them or its a waste to travel all the way...

    yes, i am a big fan of clinique products myself...especially, i cant resist their pouches :)

  2. Hey Jaya! It was lovely to see your post after a long time, I am loving that Clinique travel set!! Hope you're doing fine xoxo