Im a certified professional International make up artist and love to use bright colors and go crazy in make up.

Sep 6, 2010

Products Im loving recently

Products listed in the video, play the video for swatches :)

1. Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom - Body shop outlet
2. Nyx Mega Shine Lipgloss in Copper Penny -
3. Kryolan Anti-Shine powder - Kryolan outlet
4. Coastal Scents Chrome carmine mica powder -
5. Revlon Colostay sparkling eyepencils- Drugstore


  1. Really cool video! you looked gorgeous and I really like your new hairstyle! xoxo

  2. luv ur haristyle..:)checked out a few of your videos and looks like ur use a lot of krylon products.. cud you please tell me how they cost you in Rs..

  3. @anonymous : Which Kryalon's product prize do you need?

  4. love your hairstyle are so pretty too.i love your video and blog...

  5. cud u plz tel me the price of Kryolan Anti-Shine powder, and the eyelash glue..

  6. @anonymous: The Kryolan anti-shine powder is 600 rs and eyelash glue is 300rs

  7. thanks a ton!!:)next tym,it wud b gr8 if u cud write the cost of the products u use in ur videos...