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Feb 4, 2010

Indian Cooking: Egg burji

This is a really tasty egg recipe , good to pair with roti, bread and anything you wish to.

1. Eggs-3
2. Onion-3
3. Tomato-1
4. Green chillies-1
5. Pepper powder
6. Chilli powder
7. Salt to taste
8. Water to cook
9. Coriander to garnish
10. Oil-6-7 teaspoons

1. First add 6-7 spoons of oil and one green chilly.
2. Then add chopped onions and fry till deep golden brown.
3. Add the chopped tomato, salt and cook till the juices of the tomato comes out
4. Meanwhile beat the three eggs with pepper.
5. Then add one teaspoon of chilli powder and garam masala and a pinch of turmeric.
6. Add little bit of water for the masalas to cook and the oil comes out.
7. Keep stirrin till the water from the eggs come out and cook separate.
8. Lastly add coriander leaves.

Done!!! Hope you all like it.

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  1. oh lovely! My mum makes this and its lovely :)