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Nov 15, 2009

Indian cooking: Chilly mutton masala

Hi all!! This a popular South Indian spicy mutton recipe. This recipe serves four people and is good to pair with rice.

Ingredients:(serves for four people)
1. Mutton-1 kg
2. Tomato-1
3. Small onion-15
4. Coriander and mint leaves-1 cup
5. Coriander powder-1 pinch
6. Sambhar powder-2-3 spoons

Hope you all liked it and thanks for watching !!!


  1. Makes me nostalgic! Thanq for the fond memories! Waiting for another video...:)

  2. Is Mutton beef or pork?

  3. Of course, I am a south Indian :) so sweet of u commenting on my blog :)

  4. Thanks for this simple yet delicious mutton recipe