Im a certified professional International make up artist and love to use bright colors and go crazy in make up.

Sep 12, 2009

Make upuser??? Protest your skin from damages caused by make up

Women love using makeup, nothing can stop that. Lets know what can be done from the damages caused by make up, sun exposure, long hours of staying outside, stress etc.... Don't forget to use SPF included products.

Protect your skin and keep it healthy looking, nature has the best ways for it.



  1. i love your skin its so glowy and natural looking

  2. Hi Cheezz. What do you think about using Vaseline as an eye makeup remover. I have been using it for the longest time, but someone on you tube said it was bad for your skin. I've never heard that before, and it was only that one person but I have really been worried about it ever since that person said that.

  3. Vaseline is the worst thing you could use on your face!! It's a petroleum product (can you say oil?) that coats your face and doesn't let it breath. It could actually make things worse. Thanks for the comment