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Sep 22, 2009

Huge contest: Sigma brushes and MAC !!!

Hi lovely people, hope you are all doing fine. So very happy and let’s celebrate it with a contest.

Here’s The rules:

1. Must Be a subscriber to my cheezz12345 youtube channel
2. Must be 18 or have a parents Permission to enter(add PP in brackets to your comment, so i can understand that you have got parental permission.
3. Open to international, everyone can win!

As you all know you can enter two ways for the first and second prize.

First prize:
2. Mac lipstick or lip gloss of your choice
3. Maybelline expert eye quad of your choice
4. Mac pigment or paint pot of your choice

How to enter: You have to watch any of my videos(excluding my contest entry videos) and comment on the contest video as to what you liked it and another video request. You can comment how many times you want.

Second prize:
1. Any 3 Sigma brushes-2 any eye makeup brushes and 1 any face brush
2. L’Oreal super liner carbon gloss
3. Mac lipstick or lip gloss of your choice
4. Maybelline shine seduction of your choice

How to enter: You can comment on any of my posts in this blog and comment it how many times you wish.

The contest ends till Nov 1 EST. Winners will be selected randomly and separately for the first and second prize.

For more information do watch my video:

If you have any questions, personal message me and NOT on my contest video as I won’t be answering any questions on that video.

Hope you all like the prizes and so so excited to see all your entries. Thanks!!!!


  1. thx for having this giveaway...your so generous.. keep it up

    once again love your tutorials

  2. amazing contest, thank u so much for having it :)

  3. Amazing contest thank you ! :):) (PP)