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Aug 8, 2009

Worried of wrinkles???

The cause of wrinkles:

The root of having wrinkles is lack of moisture in the middle layer of our skin, which is known as ‘dermis’. A protein in the middle layer of our skin holds moisture and gives elastic effect in our skin.As we grow older this protein starts reducing and lowers the capacity of holding sufficient moisture in the middle layer. Due to the lack of moisture and protein in the middle layer, the elasticity of our skin starts disappearing and wrinkles appear.

There are several other factors behind wrinkles:

• Smoking of cigarette
• Staying under the direct sun
• Lacking of moisture
• Damaging the middle layer
• Hormonal imbalance

Even drinking half gram of carrot juice daily for two weeks. It is also proven cure for wrinkles.

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  1. i dont have wrinkles but ill definitly pass this on to others thanks